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Industry stakeholders are always searching for a credible, reliable and timely source of smart grid information, but few can say they've actually found that information all in one place.

Government data and statistics are usually one to two years behind. Major announcements of industry developments and deals capture just a small fraction of market activity. Quarterly surveys can be heavily skewed or swayed by major announcements within the quarter. This lack of reliable and timely data can lead utilities to make poor investment decisions in the smart grid space.

To provide you with a credible, reliable and timely source of smart grid information all in one place, FierceSmartGrid has teamed up with Zpyme Smart Grid Insights to launch the monthly Smart Grid Index, which will provide you with timely information on current business conditions, as well as keep you up to date on what's trending in the future of smart grid.

The monthly Smart Grid Index is an objective and unbiased market indicator that captures real-time industry sentiment, outlook, and performance so utility and smart grid executives can better assess their performance against their peers while reducing the risk associated with smart grid related investments.

As a FierceSmartGrid subscriber, you will receive a monthly smart grid survey. The small amount of time you spend completing the survey will lead to huge benefits for you, your organization, and the industry over both the short and long term.

For each month you complete the survey, you will receive a report containing the aggregated results and analysis. Short term, the monthly report will be a useful source for global market trend analysis and benchmarking activity in your organization. Long term, the data can be used for strategic planning and forecasting, as well as fostering collaboration on emerging technologies, research and development, and standards.  

- Barb