Control the Smart Grid with... Twitter?


By: SGN Staff

The University of Mississippi is working with SmartSynch, Inc., on a smart metering project that will report the energy usage of campus buildings in real time via RSS and social networking tools like Facebook and Twitter. The Smart Grid infrastructure company will work with the university to set up a control panel or "dashboard” enabling school personnel to monitor, analyze, and report energy consumption.


Using data from SmartSynch’s smart meters, UM is currently monitoring electricity usage at several buildings, including administrative offices, library, sports complex, and more. The new system will permit university administrators to track building power use over time, compare building energy consumption, and review the impact of the weather on power usage.


The information will be stored for future analysis and comparisons and will be reported to the public via Facebook, Twitter, and RSS.  Interested parties can compare energy usage on a given building in real time, Students, faculty, and others who want to see the data will have to register with the university’s "Green Initiative” Web site.


Officials hope the smart meter data will reveal patterns of consumption and suggest ways to change behavior for energy savings. UM recently installed sixteen of SmartSynch’s SmartMeters AMI products and plans to install more.


The program is part of UM’s "Red, Blue and Green” initiative to support  water and energy conservation, waste minimization, recycling, a lower carbon footprint, and more.


"Being environmentally responsible is an integral part of the Ole Miss culture,” said Jim Morrison, director of strategic planning and campus sustainability coordinator at the University of Mississippi in a press release.  "And having SmartSynch on board with our sustainability efforts by supplying its SmartMeters significantly strengthens our ability to optimize our operational efficiency.”


SmartSynch is a Jackson, MS-based company that uses IP over public wireless networks for its Smart Grid solutions.


   Quick Take: UM’s initiative is a reminder that IHDs (in-home displays) are not the only way to get information to consumers.


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