Consumers weigh in with smart-grid expectations


In general, it has been difficult for utilities to get the buy-in of customers when it comes to the smart grid. But consumers have spoken, and it's now time for utilities to listen.

The Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative (SGCC) interviewed consumers from across the country. Here's what they say they want:

  • Detailed information about household energy consumption.
  • Personalized help with maximizing new energy use information.
  • Assurance that basic energy needs will continue to be met.
  • New choices to manage and reduce energy expenses.
  • Ease of technology use and utility communication.
  • Lower electricity bills over time.
  • Reduced emissions and integration of renewables.
  • Capability to meet rising demand for power.
  • Measured/phased introduction/rollout of smart grid programs.

Patty Durand, the SGCC's Executive Director contends that when consumers are educated about the smart grid they are supportive and want to know more.

– Barb