Coming to your territory soon? More jurisdictions require energy storage



Quick Take:  California started the trend with its breakthrough energy storage mandates. Next, Puerto Rico mandated energy storage for all renewables. Then New York jumped in with an aggressive stance on energy storage. Now other parts of the world are chiming in, as you will read below.


Is it time for your utility to confer with regulators about whether, when and how to integrate energy storage into your future plans? - Jesse Berst


California was first the government to require utilities to store a significant portion of the power they produce. Now other jurisdictions are adding similar provisions, as documented in a recent story at E&E News.


The overall market for grid-scale energy storage is growing rapidly. "People are turning to storage as a solution," confirms Haresh Kamath, program manager for energy storage at the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI). By 2020, EPRI estimates the price of lithium-ion batteries will be one fourth when it was in 2010.


California has the largest and most comprehensive energy storage mandates. But other recent decisions are still significant, even if they are smaller in scope.