ComEd soap opera continues -- judge refuses to speed appeal


An Illinois appellate judge has denied a request by Commonwealth Edison to fast track a decision on its proposed $2.6 billion grid modernization plan. In case you're coming in late to this soap opera, we've linked you to stories about past episodes.

In brief, ComEd convinced the Illinois legislature to pass a bill allowing for substantial grid modernization. Then the governor vetoed it.Then the legislature overturned the veto. Then the public utility commissions said "wait a minute, we're the ones who get to decide, not the legislature" and slashed the amount the utility would receive to pay for it.

Without enough money to do it all at once, ComEd is asking regulators to allow it to delay its rollout of smart meters. And they also asked a judge to require a speedy decision.

With the judge saying no, we're guaranteed that the saga will continue back and forth for at least another two years.

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