Come and get it - $43 million available for energy storage research


By: SGN Staff


DOE has $43 million available for research and development of next-generation transportation and stationary energy storage technologies. Administered through the Advanced Research Projects Agency - Energy (ARPA-E), the money is intended for projects that could help improve U.S. energy security and efficiency.


ARPA-E hopes to lure the country's best scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs and small businesses to partner in breakthrough storage technologies. The money is intended for two separate programs described here:


Advanced Management and Protection of Energy-storage Devices (AMPED): This program has $30 million on hand for research in advanced sensing and control technologies to improve safety, performance and lifespan of energy storage systems. Specifically, research should focus on innovations for new electric and hybrid-electric vehicles and ways to support the reliability and efficiency of the U.S. electric grid. Another focus in this program is hybrid energy storage modules for defense applications.


Energy Storage SBIR/STTR: The Small Business Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR): These are competitive funding programs to encourage domestic small businesses to take stationary and transportation storage technologies toward the market in combined phase projects. About $13 million is available for these programs.


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