Cloud-based building management represents the future of energy efficiency


By: SGN Staff


Quick Take: This one small announcement encapsulates at least four important trends:


  1. Yes, customers want to tap into analytics, but they often prefer pre-configured solutions. The first Big Data wave was tools to use on your own. The second was tools + services -- a team comes to your shop and spends a few months coming up with ideas and building them out for you. The third is pre-packaged solutions like the one below.
  2. Cloud-based offerings are changing the landscape everywhere, including building management. They offer enormous power to customers who could never afford a large IT staff of their own. With a cloud offering, they can tap into serious, enterprise-class applications, usually for nothing more than a monthly fee.
  3. Our national laboratories are overlooked sources of intellectual property that can give companies a competitive edge. In this case, some of the technology came from Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (disclosure: I sit on a PNNL advisory board).
  4. It's not enough to have a great product or service. You've also got to have a great channel to market. This small company chose to team up with French giant Schneider Electric. - By Jesse Berst


KGS Buildings Teams with Schneider Electric to Deliver Automated Diagnostics Energy Management Solution

KGS’ Clockworksâ„¢ cloud-based software drives building energy efficiency through big-data technology and automated analytics


CAMBRIDGE, Mass. - June 5, 2013 - KGS Buildings, a cloud-based building performance analytics company and a member of the Schneider Electric EcoStruxure Technology Partner Program, today announced a strategic technology agreement with Schneider Electric, a global specialist in energy management, to bring its automated fault detection and diagnostics to Schneider Electric’s building energy management solutions and services. KGS’ flagship software, Clockworks, delivers energy and cost savings by utilizing extensive automated analytics libraries to produce prioritized energy efficiency and maintenance actions for facility managers, operators, and service providers.


Clockworks is based on 30+ combined years of research and development, leveraging the team’s doctoral research and customer-driven development. KGS conducted a cooperative research and development agreement with Pacific Northwest National Laboratory for market deployment of building diagnostics.


With the mapping of specific building sequences and engineering parameters, the diagnostic algorithms are tailored to individual buildings and their unique system configurations through mass customization. Real-time data and historical trending from building management systems and utility metering are presented in online interfaces with detailed automated analysis findings, including specific and prioritized cost and energy savings opportunities and customized reporting. When engineers, maintenance and service technicians act upon these diagnostic recommendations, operational inefficiencies are corrected for dramatic improvement of building performance, delivering persistent savings through ongoing commissioning and services.


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