ClipperCreek, Smartenit: connecting EV chargers to smart meters


By: SGN Staff


Collaborating on a project to accelerate deployment of smart grid, EV charging station provider ClipperCreek and ZigBee product manufacturer Smartenit have announced what they describe as the first commercially available EV charging station  that can connect with smart meters in a home area network (HAN).


While the companies said the Zigbee-enabled charger is available, a pilot rollout is expected to be completed sometime in the next six months. Sponsored by an unnamed utility, the charging station incorporates the Smartenit ZOE-EVC, a ZigBee SEP 1.1 certified module.


Smart Grid News reported in November on Australia company Percepscion's Charge IQ smart grid integrated EV charger, which the company says can communicate directly with smart meters. The Charge IQ system, which uses the ZigBee communications protocol, is undergoing a trial run in Victoria, Australia.


ClipperCreek and Smartenit say the benefits of their system include the capability to measure the charging profile and control charging schedules, which gives the station more ability to manage differing charging patterns of the numerous EV models available now and in the future.


"The ZigBee SEP 1.x profile, now in use in millions of smart meters being installed all over the world has proven to be a robust protocol on which to base the HAN, a major part of the smart grid. We are totally committed to the ZigBee standard, and to making the HAN equally useful to utilities and to consumers," said Al Choperena, Smartenit CEO.


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