Clevest launches new tool to aid power restoration efforts


By: SGN Staff


Clevest Solutions Inc. has launched a new release of its Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) solution to help utilities working together after a major power outage keep track of their own and each other's vehicles.


Clevest said improved management of mutual aid efforts during emergencies can help utilities safely and efficiently repair damage, rebuild systems and restore power. "While mutual aid is not a new concept for utilities, automating and simplifying the temporary management of shared resources in an AVL environment is new," said Lily Ligocki, VP for product management.


The Clevest AVL provides a user-friendly interface that office and supervisory staff can use to easily view, track and monitor in real-time their own vehicles as well as shared vehicles. AVL's reporting capabilities also gives utilities the ability to easily reconcile owned and shared vehicle use and activity records for quickly delivering reports to regulatory and government agencies like FEMA.


"When natural disasters occur, cooperatives often call upon their fellow cooperatives to help restore power," said Jeff Olson, VP of engineering and member services for Pierce Pepin Cooperative Services, one of a 25-member Dairyland Power Cooperative (DPC). "While DPC members have been assisting each other for decades, dispatching and communications are major challenges, particularly with borrowed resources, which leads to delays and safety concerns. With Clevest AVL, we'll be able to view and manage shared resources directly from a map view, greatly enhancing our efforts to restore power safely and efficiently during emergencies."

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