Clean energy investment likely to sag, forecast says


By: SGN Staff

Quick Take: Although only a fraction of cleantech investment goes to smart grid, it still pays to follow trends in that larger market. The latest report from Bloomberg New Energy Finance reveals that the investment is trending slightly lower... much as it is in the smart grid subsector, which has been flat for some time now.


Key points to note:

  • Policy uncertainty continues to be a blocker
  • Utility-scale projects dropped by 10% from the year before
  • The US, Europe and China are losing momentum while South America, Asia and Africa are gaining
  • Although down from last year, the cleantech sector is still recording healthy investment

- By Jesse Berst


After record worldwide investment in clean energy in 2011, it looks like 2012 is poised to be a disappointment, says a new forecast from Bloomberg New Energy Finance. If the forecast is accurate, this will be the first "down-year" for clean energy sector investments in eight years.

Global investment in Q3 2012 hit $56.6 billion, down 5% from the second quarter and 20% lower than Q3 2011. What happened?

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