China may soon pass the U.S. in distributed generation


By: SGN Staff


Quick Take: If China is serious about distributed energy - and it is, as you will read below - shouldn't North America and Europe be doing more to prepare for a distributed future? - By Jesse Berst


"China is gambling on distributed power generation as a major part of its future energy landscape," claims Forbes blogger William Pentland. China's rapid growth has resulted in a skyrocketing demand for energy.


In October 2012, China's State Grid Corporation convened a meeting of government officials to develop an action plan for distributed solar power generation. Households and individual companies will not only be allowed to use small-sized power generation stations to provide themselves with power, but will also be given permission to sell extra power to the State Grid, the company said.


The State Grid will introduce more distributed generation fueled by solar energy, wind, natural gas, biomass energy, geothermal energy, oceanic energy and complex resources into its own network, according to a SGCC guideline. Households and companies will be restricted to generating 6 megawatts of power each, according to the guideline.