CES a showcase for smart grid innovation

CES a showcase for smart grid innovation


The focus of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) -- held in Las Vegas last week -- is evolving from exhibiting cool electronic gadgets to showcasing innovative smart grid technology.

FierceMarkets editors were there to see Bosch Software Innovation's showcase of its industry-agnostic software technology platform which incorporates business process management, business rules management, infrastructure management and data management. The technology breakthrough comes as part of Bosch's recent acquisition of inubit AG, which expanded its business process management offering to the utilities and telecommunications markets.

Due to the growing population and economic growth as well as the increased presence of electric vehicles, grid reliability and efficiency are key concerns for utilities. Utilities are inundated with data from smart meters, distributed photovoltaic systems, and other network-enabled devices, in addition to historical usage data as the charge to modernize the nation's electric grid goes forward.

In fact, Bosch predicts that by 2015, more than 6 billion devices and systems will be connected to each other and exchanging data via the Internet. The challenge is how to put the data to work to create actionable intelligence.

To that end, Bosch is working with Green Charge Networks to help utilities monitor, manage and predict conditions on the electric grid based on input from smart meters, transformers and other network-enabled devices in 10- to 15-minute increments, so utilities can see the location of overload conditions and mitigate before costly damage, such as transformer burn outs, are caused. Innovations like these can save a given utility tens of millions of dollars every year. – Barb