CenterPoint targets customers with carbon offsets


CenterPoint Energy Services knows its customers and is using that to their advantage in the marketing of their carbon-neutral program to its "green clientele."

This clientele consists of a wide range of commercial businesses, universities and government institutions that account to end users in their facilities who are young, educated, and in-tune with environmental issues. This makes for a perfect fit for CenterPoint's Green Balance program -- created based on customer feedback -- which helps commercial customers offset carbon emissions, offering carbon credits or carbon offsets called Green Credits.

Green Credits are equal to the reduction, sequestration or avoidance of one metric ton of carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases. When a customer enrolls in the Green Balance program, CenterPoint retires the Green Credits acquired under the program to offset some or all of the carbon emissions created when the customer consumes natural gas.

"The Green Balance program offers a cost-effective option for [facilities] that use a combination of clean-burning, domestic natural gas," said Eric Sullivan, division senior vice president for CenterPoint Energy Services.

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