Is this the catalyst that will unleash the smart water market?


By: SGN Staff


Quick Take: For at least the last five years, I've been waiting for the smart water market to explode. After all, water is increasingly scarce all over the world. According to meter maker Itron, 30% of the water pumped around the world never reaches its destination. Because smart water networks can detect leaks and theft, they have the potential for a rapid payback.


When I talk to experts, they say the problem is not technical - we have the technology we need at a price we can afford. The problem is the water is valued (or undervalued, I should say). Those responsible for leaks, for instance, usually don't pay the bill. Instead, the cost of the leaking water is rolled into everybody else's rates, so nobody has a true incentive to improve and upgrade.


That's why I wanted you to know about a new consultancy that is spending the bulk of its time to educate the world about water realities. When we look back 10 years from now, we may discover that it was educational efforts like this that finally unleashed the smart water market. - Jesse Berst


The Water Innovation Project announces plans to transform the way we value water


Sacramento, CA, July 18, 2013 - The Water Innovation Project, LLC launches services that help the water industry better communicate the true value of water.


After spending years dealing with a fragmented industry and seeing an underlying lack of understanding of the value of water by the general population, industry veteran Christopher Peacock has established the Water Innovation Project. With a mission to transform the way we value water through innovation and collaboration, the company is exploring opportunities to help connect the industry with emerging technologies while educating the public. 


 "Water is continually undervalued as a result of poor communication, fragmented messaging, leadership gaps, and lack of insight into the true costs of developing, treating, delivering, collecting, and reusing this most precious resource” states Peacock.