Canadians don't trust energy companies for information


Not unlike Americans, while Canadians have a general understand of energy issues, they lack detailed knowledge of renewable energy and their environmental impact, thereby making it difficult to engage in critical issues surrounding energy policy, according to research from the School of Public Policy at the University of Calgary.

Although uneducated about renewable energy, the research revealed that Canadians do focus much of their concern on hydrocarbons and coal and nuclear power.

In many provinces, Canadians were unable to identify the region's main source of electricity generation (hydro, nuclear, coal, gas, etc.), as well as the major electricity generation technology.

The research reveals that Canadians have little trust in energy companies and government when it comes to information about energy. They are more trusting of academic and economic experts. As a result, the research authors argue that if Canada wishes to boost public understanding of important energy issues, using academics and economic experts as a source for information will offer a greater chance of success.

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