Canadian electric association refocuses amidst funding cut


The Ottawa-based Electricity Sector Council has changed its name to Electricity Human Resources Canada (EHRC) and updated its website and strategy to keep the electricity flowing in Canada.

The organization is seen as the authority on human resources in Canada's electricity industry. In the past, EHRC has provided the industry with valuable research on labor market issues, and practical tools to address skill shortages.

Due to the impending end of government funding, the organization has strategically refocused.

Since its inception in 2005, EHRC has relied on operational funding from Human Resources and Skills Development Canada through the federal Sector Council Program. But due to recent budget cuts, the organization must become self-sufficient next year.

More than 100,000 Canadians are involved in generating, transmitting and distributing the nation's electricity, but the workforce is changing.

In the face of changing demographics and technology, the industry's highly skilled workforce needs to grow and adapt. By meeting these challenges, the industry can secure Canada's long-term electricity supply.

"EHRC connects all the players in the industry-business, labour, government, and academia. By refocusing, the organization will become an even more effective partner to industry, helping address the human resource challenges it faces. The industry has two key drivers that will impact on its ability to provide reliable service - massive impending retirements and the need to maintain and build infrastructure," said Norm Fraser, chief operating officer of Hydro Ottawa, and chair of the EHRC Board of Directors. "We need to collaborate at all levels to proactively address these issues and EHRC provides the forum for that collaboration to take place."

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