Can you handle some good news? Smart grid doing better than expected


By: SGN Staff


Quick Take: With the steady drumbeat of existential threats raining down on the electric power industry, it feels strange and unnatural to write you with good news. Yet Accenture just mailed me with the results from a survey of utility executives. Guess what -- two thirds of all utility executives think smart grid benefits will be GREATER than original forecasts.


Can you handle a bit more good news, or have you had your quota for the month? Turns out these same execs believe data analytics will result "conservatively in an estimated $40 to $70 in savings per electric meter per year."


Now, I must confess that even more executives -- a whopping 85% -- expect the future to hold major challenges including distributed generation and demand response. So those existential threats remain. Even so, through our industry's hard work, we are meeting and exceeding the promises we made to ratepayers and regulators. So I apologize if you were expecting the usual doom and gloom with your morning coffee, but I for one am going to take a brief pause to celebrate our progress. - By Jesse Berst


New research from Accenture finds that more than two-thirds of utilities executives believe that the benefits of smart grids and smart meter deployments will exceed original industry forecasts. A large majority of executives surveyed (85%) also expect the industry’s competitive landscape to change in the next five years, with more new entrants in the areas of energy efficiency and demand response, data services and distributed power generation.