CA utility tests, validates and offers HAN technology to customers


New home area network technology was recently pilot-tested and validated with approximately 1,300 San Diego Gas & Electric  customers. The home area network devices demonstrated effectiveness in increasing energy efficiency among customers who turned off lights, increased air conditioning temperature, watched less TV and unplugged devices. These home area network devices are now available to SDG&E customers.

By setting up an in-home display connected to their smart electric meters, SDG&E customers can instantly see how much energy their whole home or specific appliances are using. The devices operate on the standardized ZigBee network communication protocol for seamless integration with SDG&E smart meters and display estimated energy costs intended to provide a general idea of approximate energy costs to help customers take action.

"Now that this technology is enabled through SDG&E's smart meter system, customers can see how much energy they are using in their home in near real-time, which gives them greater control of their energy use on a daily basis," said Ted Reguly , SDG&E's director of customer programs and projects.

Additional home area network devices are being tested by SDG&E to ensure the device is compatible with the meter and secure on the utility's network. Once validated for compatibility, the devices available to customers will be expanded.

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