Brits are smarter about smart meters than North Americans, according to one survey


By: SGN Staff

Quick Take: A new study commissioned by the UK's Department of Energy and Climate Change reveals that nearly half of all Britons know what a smart meter is. That compares to about one-third or less according to most studies in North America. But that doesn't mean everything is rosy. One out of five people oppose smart meters, the survey revealed, and only one in three is supportive. - By Jesse Berst


The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) survey was the first of a three-part study, and was based on 2,396 in-home interviews with consumers. Consumer reactions to smart meters were decidedly mixed, according to an article in Renew Grid.


While more consumers were supportive than opposed to the advanced metering technology, almost half of them were undecided.


The survey showed that the ability to better manage money and energy use, avoid waste and get more accurate bills were the biggest perceived benefits among consumers, while the biggest negatives were cost (to themselves, taxpayers, utilities or the government) and information security issues.