Bright outlook for smart grid technologies and commercial DR


By: SGN Staff


Now that commercial building operations have become more sophisticated with automation technologies and building management systems, owners are looking for more ways to use their new tools and devices to take efficiency to higher levels. A new report from Pike Research says their interest in DR also is growing, enough so that the cleantech market research firm predicts the number of commercial buildings with DR programs will grow globally from less than 600,000 in 2012 to over 1.4 million locations by 2018.


"Although DR programs are offered to a broad range of customers, the commercial sector offers a significant opportunity for growth in the DR market," senior research analyst Marianne Hedin said. "With a huge number of buildings and facilities accounting for a substantial amount of electricity consumption, the commercial sector represents a major underserved market."


The report, Demand Response for Commercial Buildings, also notes that the growing use of automated DR (ADR) and open standards-based communications capabilities is providing utilities, grid operators and curtailment service providers with the opportunity to present DR to a "much broader end user market," and to do it with more sophisticated DR programs like dynamic pricing and ancillary services.