Boring name, important concept: Real-time situational awareness for the grid


By: SGN Staff


Quick Take: If you want to clear out a cocktail party, just start using phrases such as "real-time situational awareness." People will shun you faster than if you said "I'm pals with Paula Deen."


But you didn't join the electric power industry to win popularity contests, so I suggest you start using those words in your conversations at work. That's because situational awareness has big-time value for almost every department at an electric power utility.


Skim the release below. These kinds of visualization capabilities are essential for modern distribution networks. Notice as well that as soon as the program went live, other departments started asking for similar capabilities. The same thing will happen at your utility. - By Jesse Berst


Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) Visualizes Smart Grid with Space-Time Insight’s Situational Intelligence Software


Space‐Time Insight, the leading provider of next‐generation situational intelligence solutions, has announced that the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) has implemented Space-Time Insight’s geospatial and visual analytics software. The software facilitates faster and more informed smart grid decisions. The system, which correlates, analyzes and visualizes data in smart grid, distribution, outage, fire and weather systems, is the primary "face” of SMUD’s new Distribution Operations Center. The situational intelligence solution was implemented as part of SMUD’s Situational Awareness and Visual Intelligence (SAVI) initiative which is designed to improve the speed and quality of data analysis and decision-making throughout the organization’s Grid Planning and Operations department.


SMUD is the nation’s sixth-largest community-owned electric utility, serving a population of 1.4 million across 900 square miles. For some time, the company has relied on paper mapsâ€"including a 100 x 25 ft. wall map - and the experience and knowledge of its personnel to manage the electric grid. But the recent adoption of smart grid devices generated an exponential increase in the volume of data, making manual operations infeasible and creating opportunities for real-time insight into grid performance. Now, the Space-Time Insight system quickly synthesizes numerous streams of disparate data and provides on-the-fly assessments of grid and asset health, weather, wind and fire conditions, and power supply and demand, to name a few. The system helps managers and operators respond more quickly to outages, rapidly develop switching plans, and make more-informed decisions regarding equipment maintenance and investments.