Blackout 100% certain in three years, claim smart grid opponents


By: SGN Staff


Quick Take: An anti-smart-grid group that believes the smart grid is a global conspiracy to assert "absolute control in the lives and homes of the world's citizens" is now trying a new tactic to scare consumers away from grid modernization. The group has convinced a self-proclaimed security expert to issue a press release asserting that the entire power grid is at risk of being taken down by cyber attack. David Chalk goes so far as to predict "100% certainty of catastrophic failure of the energy grid within 3 years." - By Jesse Berst


If David Chalk, a keynote speaker, security expert and staunch smart meter opponent, is right smart grid technologies will bring down the electric grid around us in a catastrophe he says will be "worse than a nuclear war."


Chalk's comments were made in an online interview for a coming documentary film, Take Back Your Power, which is being produced for online release soon. In a press release announcing the documentary, Chalk said "We're in a state of crisis. The front door is open and there is no lock to be had. There is not a power meter or device on the grid that is protected from hacking - if not already infected - with some kind of Trojan horse that can cause the grid to be shut down or completely annihilated."


Chalk also threw down a challenge to governments, media and technology manufacturers to "show him one piece of digital technology that is hack-proof." He said he will demonstrate that it can be hacked. "I'll do it on national TV, I'll do it anywhere. But I can guarantee you 100% that there is nothing out there today - nothing - that can't be penetrated."

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