Biogas key to emerging renewable energy market


Biogas is one of the most versatile energy carriers with the potential to satisfy power and fuel demand across a range of applications while mitigating greenhouse gas emissions. According to Pike Research, biogas will play a key role in the emerging renewable energy market with global power generation capacity more than doubling over the next decade.

Renewable biogas

Pike is projecting that biogas will grow from 14.5 GW in 2012 to 29.5 GW in 2022.

"Biogas can meet demand in power, heat, and transportation markets, address a range of environmental issues, and may be deployed on both an integrated and distributed basis," said Pike Senior Research Analyst Mackinnon Lawrence. "What's more, the expansion of the biogas industry, which uses stable and well-understood processes, hinges on innovative applications and business models rather than breakthrough technologies."

These might include applications where biogas is produced and consumed on-site as with on-farm digesters producing electricity from manure, or landfill gas recovery systems that turn waste into transportation fuel for captive garbage truck fleets. Another model may see upgraded biogas "dropped into" natural gas infrastructure and distributed further afield.

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