The biggest overlooked metering market: (it's behind the fence)


By: SGN Staff


Quick Take: The market for smart meters for utilities has hit a plateau. Growth has shifted to Europe and Asia and the market is expanding at only half the rate of the go-go days.


Yet there is a little noticed market that is seeing rapid growth - more than 30% year over year, according to the researchers at Groom Energy Solutions. As you'll read in the release below, large commercial and industrial customers are beginning to build their own "smart grids" behind the fence. To do that, they need smart sub-meters so they can accurately measure where power is used. (The meter from the utility company only shows them their consumption in aggregate, not broken down by building or device).


Groom calls this the "enterprise smart grid." Who is poised to cash in? Not the makers of revenue-grade meters for utilities, according to Groom. And not the young startups. Instead, these metering profits will go to large companies with expertise in energy efficiency. Groom lists the 10 current leaders as (in alphabetical order):

·         BuildingIQ

·         Ecova

·         EFT Energy

·         EnergyCAP

·         EnerNOC

·         eSight Energy

·         Gridpoint

·         Phoenix Energy Technologies

·         Schneider Electric

·         Siemens

- By Jesse Berst


Cost of submetering falls 30 percent over the last two years


Following its successful introduction of Enterprise Smart Grid in 2011, Groom Energy Solutions today announced the newest release in its research series, the 2013 Enterprise Smart Grid with a Corporate Buyers’ Guide for Energy Management Software. This newest report is based on 68 interviews with corporate energy, facility and sustainability managers, and vendors and on an online survey of 158 companies. It provides an overview of the industry, lists recommendations for companies making software purchases, and names ten Enterprise Smart Grid Leaders.