The best way to build a smart grid roadmap (Hint: Steal from others)


By: SGN Staff


Quick Take: I like to say that it's smart to learn from your mistakes... but even smarter to learn from the mistakes of others. In case you missed it when it first appeared late last year, an EPRI paper documents the lessons learned from five years of smart grid roadmap building. If you are currently building or updating your modernization plan, you'll want to mine this trove of useful advice. A short summary follows, plus a link to the full document. - By Jesse Berst


IntelliGrid® Smart Grid Roadmap Methodology and Lessons Learned


This paper summarizes the key findings of the EPRI Smart Grid Roadmap Guidebook which gathers the results of the company-specific Smart Grid roadmaps developed by EPRI from 2007 to 2011. The report’s major themes are the lessons learned and the methodologies used to develop the roadmaps. The methodologies have been distilled into a process called the Smart Grid Roadmap Methodology. Also included in the Guidebook is a summary of the roadmaps, key points from follow-up interviews, distilled technology recommendations from the roadmaps, the purpose and benefit of developing a roadmap, the role of standards and a communications technology assessment.


Some of the lessons that were learned from this process were:

·         Developing a roadmap is always a bigger effort than you think it will be

·         There is as much value from the "journey” as in the end product

·         A successful roadmap must be driven from the top of the organization

·         A successful roadmap must take a holistic view


Key takeaways from this report include:

·         A roadmap links regulatory policy, corporate business strategy, and customer needs with vendor, technology, and standards adoption decisions

·         Roadmapping helps ensure that the team has access to technologies, personnel, best practices and other capabilities

·         Roadmaps generally identify gaps in a company’s technology evolution and adoption plan and organizational change management plan

·         Roadmapping is an effective communication tool internal to the organization as well as externally for consumers, regulators, and vendors.

·         Roadmaps also allow the team to see when a detour is required to act on external events and other unforeseen circumstances


Download the EPRI Smart Grid Roadmap report