Best practices in smart grid policy


By: SGN Staff

Quick Take: We spend so much time talking and worrying about smart grid technology. Yet technology issues are typically much easier to solve than people and policy problems. That's why I am pleased to see the release of the 2013 version of the Smart Grid Policy Handbook. It comes from GlobalData, one of the few firms that regularly focuses on smart grid policy.


If we were as scientific and rigorous about researching policy as we are about researching technology, the smart grid would be much further along.



Smart Grid Policy Handbook 2013: major government policies, regulations and incentives


"Smart Grid Policy Handbook 2013: Major Government Policies, Regulations and Incentives" offers comprehensive information on major policies governing the smart grid market in major countries.

The report provides in-depth analysis of smart grid policies across major countries in North and South America, namely the US, Canada, Mexico, and Brazil. Details are provided for key policy instruments adopted by the US Federal and selected state governments which have led to smart grid developments, such as investment in smart meters, demand response programs, and EV adoption.

In the European region, details of key smart grid policies are provided for the following major European countries: the UK, Germany, France, and Spain. The chapter also covers the major policies and incentives established by the European Union. The Asia-Pacific region covers Japan, Australia, India, China, South Korea and Singapore. Saudi Arabia in the Middle East and South Africa from the African continent have also been covered, as they are major upcoming markets for smart grid investment.


- This report provides comprehensive coverage of key smart grid initiatives and policies for the following countries: the US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, EU, Germany, the UK, France, Spain, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, India, China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore and Australia.
- Coverage of major topics such as advanced metering infrastructure, microgrid, smart cities, net metering, time-of-use pricing, communication protocol for the smart grid, important agencies dealing with the smart grid, EV, and EMS, wherever possible for each country
- Coverage of smart grid technology, benefits, international associations and standards under the global section
- A comparison of major smart grid policies and government support is provided for smart grid initiatives among the 16 countries covered.


Jesse Berst is the founder and Chief Analyst of SGN and Chairman of the Smart Cities Council, an industry coalition.