Best practices for IT-OT convergence: webinar replays and presentation



All over the world, utilities are facing up to the task of integrating information technology (IT) operations with those of operational technology (OT). What's driving it? How can utilities prepare? What should they expect?


In our Aug. 21 Lessons from the Real World webinar, experts from Schneider Electric and Burbank Water & Power joined us to address those issues and many others. You can download the presentation materials used in the webinar here. And you can get detailed answers from our experts to questions asked during the webinar here. You can also read SGN Chief Analyst Jesse Berst's introduction to the IT-OT topic here.


Replay videos appear below. Note we've broken the webinar into four video segments for ease of viewing.

The panelists you'll hear from include:

·         Fred Fletcher, Assistant General Manager/Power Supply at Burbank Water & Power

·         John Dirkman,  Senior Product Manager, Smart Grid Global at Schneider Electric

·         Jeff Meyers, Schneider Electric and former President of Telvent Miner & Miner



Part 1: Drivers and definitions

In this segment moderator Jesse Berst and Jeff Meyers of Schneider Electric provide an overview of IT and OT operations in utilities. The segment includes a discussion of the drivers that are pushing for convergence, along with the challenges and opportunities that arise in the process.










Part 2: Process for convergence

In this segment John Dirkman of Schneider Electric discusses what's involved in the convergence process and answers an audience question about how IT/OT convergence is facilitating compliance with EMS and ADS.









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