Australia could increase renewable energy generation 500X


Australia has the potential to generate more than 500 times its current electrical consumption -- 200 terawatt-hours annually -- using renewable energy resources, according to research from the Australian Energy Market Operator.

The AEMO has identified 43 regions across the country's National Electricity Market and the available renewable resources within each, excluding national park lands and areas with conflicting use. The latest AEMO energy update suggests available sources of renewable energy cover eastern and south eastern Australia.

Previous research has shown that Australia could generate enough electricity just by installing solar paneling on all applicable rooftops in the nation, in addition to adequate energy storage facilities.

The study comes at the request of the Commonwealth Government and utilized two scenarios. The first was based on a rapid transformation of the electricity sector, balanced economic growth, and increased electricity demands with strong side participation. The second scenario depends on a moderate energy sector transformation and moderate side participation with flourishing economic and energy growth.

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