Austin Energy rebates provide non-profits huge savings


Austin Energy is providing incentives for 10 solar projects by businesses and non-profits.

All the up-front costs for the solar installations are paid by the property owners. Through its commercial Performance Based Incentive (PBI) program, Austin Energy credits the customer 14 cents for every kilowatt-hour produced by the solar system for up to 10 years instead of issuing rebates. The new leasing arrangement available for non-profits enables non-profits to enter into lease arrangements with solar contractors who can often handle the up-front costs unlike many non-profits.

The 10 projects will shave 853 kilowatts off the grid during the peak of the summer and produce more than 1.4 million kilowatt-hours of clean, renewable energy annually.

Some of the non-profits will receive credits on their electric bills estimated at $44,900 annually for the electricity produced by their systems. Goodwill Industries, who will be installing 400 kilowatts at two of its facilities -- almost half the total of all 10 projects -- will receive credits estimated at $105,000 annually.

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