The Army's biggest-ever solar initiative (and it's in Georgia!)

The Army's biggest-ever solar initiative (and it's in Georgia!)



Quick Take:  Look at a map of renewable portfolio standards or a map of renewables penetration, and the American Southeast looks like a country apart. Partly because of Mother Nature (a dearth of renewables potential) and partly because of politics, the Southeast has not been a big part of the renewables revolution. (I am not including Florida in this description.)


This new Army project in Georgia may help to change that. Although Georgia has shown some regional leadership in solar, this project should, at the very least, prove the viability of solar at scale. - Jesse Berst


Georgia Power and the U.S. Army have announced of a solar energy initiative that will be housed at three Georgia army bases: Fort Stewart, Fort Benning and Fort Gordon. Once finished in 2015, the three 30-MW solar facilities will be the largest operating on any U.S. military bases. Once the projects are complete, the Army will derive a full 18% of its electricity in Georgia from renewable sources.


Although they will be located on Army property, Georgia Power will build, own and operate the facilities. They must be brought in at or below the company's avoided cost (the amount it would have cost to generate the energy from other sources). Georgia Power is the largest subsidiary of Southern Company, the region's largest energy company.


Georgia Power To Build 90 Megawatts Of U.S. Army Solar Projects, Bloomberg

Georgia Power To Bring 90 Megawatts Of Solar Generation To Georgia Army Bases, Georgia Power Press Release


Jesse Berst is the founder and Chief Analyst of SGN and Chairman of the Smart Cities Council, an industry coalition.


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