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Arizona smart grid projects

Salt River Project advanced data acquisition and management

Salt River Project Agricultural Improvement and Power District’s (SRP) Advanced Data Acquisition and Management Program project involves the installation of smart meters, supporting communication infrastructure, and the expansion of advanced electric service options for customers. Virtually all SRP customers are receiving new smart meters, which monitor electric consumption and power quality. A two-way communication system relays customer electricity data to the utility, where upgraded software platforms analyze and present the data. SRP expects the smart meters to reduce meter-reading costs and field service visits, lower vehicle emissions, and enable development of advanced electric services for customers. These services include a web portal and expansion of existing time-of-use rates that empower the customer and enable a lower peak demand for SRP. Charging stations for plug-in electric vehicles and transformer metering are being monitored and evaluated. Get details >>


Arizona Cooperative grid modernization

The Arizona Cooperative Grid Modernization project upgrades electric infrastructure for three electric cooperatives in Arizona. Southwest Transmission Cooperative (SWTC) is the primary recipient of the project. The project also includes two distribution system cooperatives, Mohave Electric Cooperative (MEC) and Sulphur Springs Valley Electric Cooperative (SSVEC), which receive transmission service from SWTC. SWTC is upgrading the communications infrastructure of their transmission network by installing optical ground wire cables between several substations. SWTC is also installing micro-processor-based protective relays and equipment monitors. MEC is replacing thousands of existing meters in its service territory with smart meters and is expanding the communications network and power line carrier-based meter communications system. SSVEC is implementing advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) and distribution automation. SSVEC is also expanding its existing fiber optic communication infrastructure and upgrading its monitoring software. Get details >>


Navajo Tribal Utility Association AMI

The Navajo Tribal Utility Association’s (NTUA) Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) project deploys up to 28,000 residential smart meters and the supporting communications and information technology systems. The project provides automated meter reading, improved outage detection and response, power quality monitoring, and tamper detection capabilities. The communications system relays customer electricity data to NTUA, where the new meter data management system helps NTUA leverage the data to better manage peak demand, which will result in reduced system-wide capacity needs, reduced electrical losses, and reduced maintenance and environmental costs. Get details >>


News and trends in Arizona

Arizona Corporation Commission: GOP slate sweeps the race, ousts two Dems

Republicans swept the race for three seats on the Arizona Corporation Commission as voters jettisoned two Democratic incumbents to make the utility panel an all-GOP body for the first time since 2009. Read more from the Arizona Daily Star >>


Democrats seek to aid solar with control of Arizona board

Arizona Democrats are vying to wrest control of the state utility board so they can expand the use of solar energy in the nation’s sunniest state. Read more at BusinessWeek >>


Federal solar energy roadmap creates opportunities for Arizona

In a momentous step for U.S. movement towards renewable energy, the Obama administration approved a roadmap on October 12, 2012 for utility-scale solar energy development on public lands in six southwestern states. The move creates strong possibilities for the state of Arizona. Studies are showing that Arizona is likely to be rapidly affected by climate change and that costs of energy production, among other things, will rise as a result. On the other hand, the state is a net energy exporter, and has the best developable solar energy resource in the country. Arizona’s economy could stand to gain significantly if the state government regulates to take advantage of the federal government’s clean energy strategy. Read more from the >>


$20B windfall from southwest utility energy efficiency

Utility energy-efficiency programs could create a $20 billion windfall for six southwestern states, including Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming, according to new research from the Southwest Energy Efficiency Project. Read more at Fierce Energy >>


Take a quick tour of 5 smart energy projects with big potential

On the University of Arizona campus in Tucson, researchers are using $1.5 million from the Department of Energy to improve a mirror-making technology they've developed with the aim of producing solar electricity at a price competitive with non-renewable energy sources. Read more from Smart Grid News >>


New study: Lessons learned in dynamic pricing

The Association for Demand Response and Smart Grid (ADS) has released a new case study that explores the impact on acceptance and adoption when utility customers are given choices in pricing options such as time-differentiated pricing and others.
 The study, based on Salt River Project's pricing experience, was chosen as the subject of the case study because of its successful track record with pricing programs, said Dan Delurey, ADS executive.  Read more from Smart Grid News >>




Arizona utilities


Private companies

Arizona Public Service Co

Morenci Water & Electric Co

Tucson Electric Power Co

UNS Electric Inc



Mohave Electric Coop Inc

Sulphur Springs Valley EC Inc

Trico Electric Coop



Navajo Tribal Utility Authority


Political Subdivisions:

Salt River Project


Web resources


Arizona Energy Office

Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency

Arizona Corporation Commission

Go Solar Arizona

Arizona Solar Center


State contacts

Arizona Energy Office
1700 West Washington, Suite 220
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Phone: 602.771.1201
Fax: 602.771.1203

Jim Westberg
Energy Program Administrator

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