Are you taking advantage of these three research facilities? (They're often free.)



Quick Take: Most grid professionals are aware of the research programs conducted by the Electric Power Research Institute. But some are still unaware that several U. S. national laboratories are at the forefront of grid modernization.


Those laboratories often have access to capabilities no single utility could afford on its own - high-performance computing, for instance, or interoperability testing facilities. Since national laboratories are operated for the benefit of the public, many grid-related capabilities are available to qualified researchers who take the time to apply.


Visit Breaking Energy for a bit more detail, but here's a quick summary with some links you can follow. - Jesse Berst

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

PNNL runs the Electricity Infrastructure Operations Center, a facility to create and test tools for grid management. Earlier this year it started construction on a new $10 million, 22,000 square foot energy research facility. Here are just a few of things PNNL has developed, some of which are available for free download. (Disclosure: I sit on a PNNL advisory board.)

·      GridLAB-D for power distribution system simulation and analysis

·      GridOPTICS for next-generation grid operation and visualization

·      GridPACK for better power grid modeling

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