Analysis confirms solar cell's 200% power output claims


Solar3D believes it has discovered a silicon solar cell design that can produce 200 percent of the power output of conventional solar cells and has completed a detailed simulation analysis comparing this solar cell with conventional solar cells to verify this claim. The results confirm the claim, according to the company.

One of the biggest challenges facing solar cells is light reflection. When sunlight hits conventional solar cells from off angles, the photons are reflected away. The cells become dramatically less efficient if the sun is not shining within a narrow range of incident angles.

However, Solar3D's cells overcome these obstacles, which the company attributes to two powerful features: wide angle light collection and high conversion efficiency. With the wide angle feature, more light is captured in the morning and evening hours, as well as in the winter months when the sun is not directly overhead. The 3-dimensional design traps sunlight inside photovoltaic microstructures to increase the electricity generation efficiency.

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