Ammunition for the net metering wars


By: SGN Staff

Quick Take: Like others, I have been warning that distributed solar may arrive sooner than you think, even if you are not in the sunbelt. As they accelerate, rooftop solar and net metering pose a severe challenge to utility profitability. Some even believe that solar is the enemy of the investor-owned utility.


The challenge is made worse by the polarized positions of the opposing camps. For instance, four of America's largest solar installers have banded together to lobby against the utility industry, as reported by Bloomberg BusinessWeek.


That's why I recommend you read a new net metering primer from the Solar Electric Power Association. You won't agree with everything it says. After all, the guide was produced by a group that promotes solar power. Even so, it is relatively even-handed, trying to explain both sides of the issue in calm terms.


I think net metering problems are a "when not whether" issue. You'll need all the ammunition you can get to argue your case. You can get an overview of the document from the release below. Or click to download the report. - By Jesse Berst


SEPA report crafted To support constructive dialogue on net energy metering


Primer focuses on defining key terms and concepts to provide common understanding 


Washington, D.C., July 16, 2013  - The Solar Electric Power Association (SEPA), an educational non-profit focused on helping utilities integrate solar power into their energy portfolios, today released "Ratemaking, Solar Value and Solar Net Energy Metering - A Primer.” In a rapidly changing solar environment and as the penetration of distributed solar generation (DG) is increasing, the primer is designed to offer a balanced viewpoint on net energy metering (NEM) by providing a basic understanding of state utility regulation, with a focus on rate-setting, and distributed solar-value research.

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