Alabama smart grid toolkit


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Alabama smart grid projects


The Southern Company Services distribution and transmission automation

The Southern Company's smart grid project involves integrated upgrades of the distribution, transmission, and grid management systems throughout their large service territory. Major efforts include automation of major parts of the distribution system, automation of selected transmission lines, and new equipment for many substations. This project centers on deployment of new distribution technologies that intend to improve power factor at delivery, thereby increasing the effective usability of existing electricity generation. This reduction in line losses may lead to the deferral of new generation capacity investments and associated reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. The distribution automation equipment in this project also aims to enhance system reliability through better protections and faster response to outages while simultaneously lowering cost for operation and maintenance of the system by human operators. Get details >>


South Alabama Electric Cooperative smart meters

SAEC is installing smart meters on its electric system beginning this year. The new automated meter reading program offers numerous benefits to our members, including automated readings, daily readings, reading verification, voltage and outage information and faster restoration. Get details >>


Pioneer Electric Cooperative AMI
Beginning in January 2011, Pioneer started replacing members' electric meters with newer, technologically advanced meters. The metering system combines wireless and power line carrier (PLC) technologies. Cooper Power Systems was selected by Pioneer for the project for its extensive advanced metering infrastructure deployment experience and wide range of technology choices. The AMI network will connect the cooperative to their member-owners which are located primarily in rural areas of the nine Alabama counties that make up their service territory. Get the details >>


Alabama energy news and trends

Why Alabama returned a $541,089 federal grant for energy efficiency

Earlier this year, the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs' (ADECA) Energy Division won a $541,089 grant from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to promote energy efficiency. Then, it gave the money back. More at >>>


Alabama Power deal to bring in low-cost wind power from Oklahoma, Kansas

With the approval of the state’s Public Service Commission, Alabama Power is set to bring in 404 megawatts (MW) of clean, renewable wind generated electricity from Kansas and Oklahoma. Not only is that enough to meet about 3% of customers’ power consumption with emissions-free electricity, the price Alabama Power will pay over a 20-year contract period is below that of what it would have cost the utility to produce the electricity itself. More at More at Birmingham News >>


DOE report points to huge potential for increasing hydroelectric power

Lock and dam facilities on the Ohio, Mississippi, Alabama, and Arkansas Rivers were cited as high-potential sites to increase current U.S. hydropower in a report released by the Department of Energy. More at Smart Grid News >>

South Alabama Electric Coop wins USDA loan for smart grid technologies Twenty-three rural electric utilities around the country will share $134 million in USDA loan guarantees for smart grid technologies. South Alabama Electric Coop will receive $17,800,000. The funds will be used to build and improve 144 miles of distribution line and make other system improvements. The loan guarantee includes $125,000 in smart grid projects. More at Smart Grid News >>



Alabama utilities 


Private Companies

Alabama Power Company 



Baldwin County El Member Corp

Central Alabama Electric Coop

Cullman Electric Coop Inc

Diverse Power Incorporated

Joe Wheeler Elec Member Corp

Sand Mountain Electric Coop

Singing River Elec Pwr Assn

Southern Pine Elec Coop Inc



Albertville Municipal Utils Bd 

City of Athens 

City of Dothan

City of Florence

City of Huntsville

Decatur Utilities

Foley Board of Utilities

Sheffield Utilities






Web resources 


Energy Division

Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency

Alabama Public Service Commission

Alabama Energy-related stimulus projects

Green Resource Center

State Corporations Division


State contacts


Energy Division
Department of Economic and Community Affairs
401 Adams Avenue
P.O. Box 5690
Montgomery, AL 36103-5690

Phone: 334.242.5290
Fax: 334.242.0552

Terri L. Adams
Division Director
334.242.5292 fax: 334.242.5292

Bill Babington
Energy Efficiency & Renewables Section Chief
334.242.5463 fax: 334.242.0552

Karl Frost
Energy Program Manager
334.242.5463 fax: 334.242.0552


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