Advanced battery technologies get boost from DOE


Clean Energy Trust (CET) of Chicago, the Midwest's leading clean tech business accelerator, is partnering with Argonne National Laboratory on a U.S. Department of Energy funded battery and energy storage hub. Energy hubs are major integrated research centers with scientists from a variety of different institutions and technical backgrounds that combine basic and applied research with engineering to accelerate scientific discovery in critical energy areas.

The hub, known as the Joint Center for Energy Storage and Research (JCESR), received a $120 million award over five years from the U.S. Department of Energy. JCESR will focus on rapid research development and commercialization of revolutionary, clean electrochemical energy storage technologies that will support next generation vehicles and the nation's electric grid.

Advanced battery technologies can play a valuable role in strengthening energy and economic security by reducing oil dependence, upgrading the aging power grid, and allowing us to take greater advantage of intermittent energy sources like wind and solar.

"Chicago is poised to become a living laboratory for electric vehicles and next generation grid technologies as a result of this incredible research collaboration," said Amy Francetic, CET executive director.

JCESR will identify cost-effective, market-ready clean technology to harness energy created from renewable sources.

"JCESR's aggressive goal is to develop revolutionary energy storage technologies with five times the energy density of today's systems at one-fifth the cost in five years," said George Crabtree, JCESR director. "JCESR will speed up the innovation cycle by engaging industry from the start. Industrial partners are critical in making sure we ask the right research questions so that we can shorten the path from laboratory innovation to technological development to commercial deployment."

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