ACEEE research taps reservoirs of energy efficiency


New research from the American Association for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) reveals how next-generation energy-efficiency programs can help utilities achieve big energy savings.

"Natural gas isn't the only abundant energy resource in this country -- we've also discovered deep reservoirs of energy efficiency," said Dan York, ACEEE utilities program director and lead author of the report. "Even as tried-and-true energy-efficiency measures become commonplace, we continue to dig deeper and find new technologies and practices plus new program approaches to unlock further opportunities to achieve large energy savings."

These technologies and innovative program designs are combining to create the next generation of energy-efficiency programs that can meet the aggressive saving goals of many states. ACEEE research finds that these technologies and programs can offer the potential for savings of 27 percent of forecasted electricity use and 19 percent of forecasted natural gas use by 2030.

According to ACEEE, some of the best potential exists in residential and commercial renovations and retrofits. Lighting, building mechanical systems and electronics are good sources of energy savings.

Traditionally, multi-family and manufactured home markets have been difficult to reach. ACEEE contends that reaching more customers can foster next-generation programs by facilitating improved understanding of more narrowly defined customer segments through better data analytics by which program administrators can structure and focus incentives and marketing to increase participation.

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