A123 Systems scores big win in UK


By: SGN Staff


Battery energy storage solutions manufacturer A123 Systems will deliver six Grid Battery Systemsâ„¢ (GBS) to the UK's largest smart grid project to provide load shifting and voltage fluctuation management capabilities for the country's electric grid.


The systems will be delivered to Northern Powergrid and are expected to be online by year end. They will be deployed as part of the Customer-Led Network Revolution (CLNR) smart grid project, which is funded by British electricity and gas regulator Ofgem through its Low Carbon Networks Fund. Northern Powergrid provides power to more than 3.8 million customers in the country.


A123's advanced Nanophosphate® lithium ion batteries and systems, which include the Smart Grid Domain Controller™, will be used to handle voltage regulation to help maintain grid stability and power quality as more clean energy sources are integrated. The GBS units for Northern Powergrid will include a 2.5 megawatt system, two 100 kilowatt systems and three 50 kilowatt systems.


They will each be designed to maintain power for two hours, which will add flexibility to the distribution network and help deliver consistently reliable power to customers.


"Grid operators around the world are faced with a variety of technical hurdles when trying to add significant renewable capacity. In the UK, distribution networks distribution networks often have limitations that make adding high concentrations of wind and solar difficult," said Robert Johnson, VP of A123's Energy Solutions Group. "Battery energy storage can overcome these challenges by efficiently managing the voltage levels of the power network, and we look forward to working with Northern Powergrid on the CLNR smart grid project, which we view as an excellent opportunity to showcase the versatility and performance of our GBS solutions."


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