The 6 most important things SCE has learned about electric vehicles


By: SGN Staff


Quick Take: It's a blessing to have utilities such as Southern California Edison (SCE) in our industry. First, they routinely pioneer new technologies and concepts, taking on more than their fair share of risk. Second, they are very generous about sharing their learnings.


Case in point: SCE has just published a paper detailing the six most important principles they have learned from their experiments with electric vehicle charging. Read the summary below, then download the full PDF report for your library. - By Jesse Berst


Southern California Edison offers insights about its electric vehicle customers


Southern California Edison (SCE) released a white paper today regarding insights gleaned from its Electric Vehicle (EV) readiness program. The paper, titled "Charged Up: Southern California Edison’s Key Learnings about Electric Vehicles, Our Customers and Grid Reliability,” shares information based on customer data and utility operations gathered since SCE began to prepare the distribution system and its customers for widespread electric vehicle (EV) adoption in its service territory.


Currently, SCE customers lease or own more than 12,000 plug-in electric vehicles (PEV), which represent about 10 percent of national EV sales. Because California leads the nation in EV adoption, other utilities and stakeholders in the auto industry may find the information from the white paper useful.


"The Southern California region and SCE’s service territory in particular is seeing significant uptick of early plug-in vehicle adoption,” said Ed Kjaer, SCE director of Transportation Electrification. "SCE is partnering with auto makers, dealers and the communities we serve to help educate our customers on ways to seamlessly connect their new EVs to an ever-changing electrical system.”