4 cities that get it - and 3 utilities with smarts


For countries around the globe that will be scrambling to accommodate an additional 2.7 billion people in the world’s cities by 2050, Lux Research has cited four initiatives as among the most replicable models. The report names Amsterdam, Stockholm, Colorado’s SmartGridCity and Portugal’s PlanIT Valley as model cities of the future.


 The report makes the point that policy and technology must go hand in hand in order to drive the development of efficient future cities.


"Technology companies need to understand the variety of models under which future cities develop so they can tap the widest channel to market in each case," said Ryan Castilloux, Lux Research analyst and the lead author of the report. "Cities like Singapore, Stockholm, Masdar, Incheon Free Economic Zone, and PlanIT Valley are structured to ensure integration and interoperability of technologies and systems across the urban value chain."

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