2015 here we come. Britain maps out its smart meter future



Quick Take:  In preparation for the August 2015 launch of its smart meter rollout, the United Kingdom has updated its long-range plan. It may have lessons and cautions for utilities in other parts of the world. Click this link to download the PDF.  - Jesse Berst


Stability for the delivery of Britain's smart metering infrastructure is gradually being transferred to the newly established Data and Communications Company (DCC). In preparation for the 2015 rollout, the priorities in 2014 will be:

·      Completion of the common technical standards by mid-2014

·      Further development of the Smart Energy Code (SEC)

·      Working with the newly established Central Delivery Body (CDB) to build customer awareness

·      The launch of an Installation Code of Practice

·      The launch of regulations on data access

·      Final plans for monitoring costs and benefits


DCC will be monitoring all the major players to ensure that they will be ready for the launch.


Jesse Berst is the founder and Chief Analyst of SGN and Chairman of the Smart Cities Council, an industry coalition.