12,000+ votes cast! Meet your 13 Smart Grid Companies to Watch


Congratulations to our 13 Smart Grid Companies to Watch in 2013! With over 12,000 votes cast in the final round, the companies you see below and on page 2 are the ones that SGN readers told us have the potential to be 2013 superstars. You'll notice some familiar names on this year's list - and quite possibly some that aren't so familiar. And that's the beauty of it!


Thanks to everyone who participated, either by nominating companies or voting for them. Now here are this year's winners in alphabetical order...


Belden - St. Louis-based Belden provides cable, connectivity and networking products to give energy producers optimal signal performance and reliability despite tough environmental challenges. Website >>


CEIVA Energy - With its new Entryway solution, CEIVA offers utilities a toolkit for deploying smart meter technology and engaging their customers on a large scale. Website >>


Cisco - Working with utilities to design reliable, highly secure network architectures, Cisco's GridBlocks architecture provides a view of how to integrate the electric grid with a digital communications network. Website >>


EnerNOC - Supporting utilities at every stage of the demand-side management lifecycle - EnerNOC assesses market potential, designs and implements effective programs and measures results. Website >>


ISA Sensing - Portugal-based Intelligent Sensing Anywhere (ISA) develops smart technology with sensors that transmit information to management platforms, creating business intelligence. Website >>


PayGo - An integrated utility payments provider, PayGo enables the rapid provisioning of smart grid applications including pay-as-you-go and postpaid electric service as well as mobile payments for utilities and their customers. Website >>

Schneider Electric - As a global specialist in energy management, Schneider Electric offers integrated solutions across multiple market segments, including leadership positions in Utilities & Infrastructures. Website >>


Sensus - A leading utility infrastructure company, Sensus offers smart meters, communication systems, software and services for electric, gas, and water utilities to drive operational efficiency and customer engagement. Website >>


Space-Time Insight - With its next-generation geospatial and visual analytics solutions, Space-Time Insights helps transform massive volumes of real-time disparate data into intuitive visual displays. Website >>


Structure - A global provider of consulting services, Structure's smart grid practice provides expertise in the strategies, processes and technologies required to deliver comprehensive smart grid programs. Website >>


TempoDB - A time series database service, TempoDB is purpose-built to store and analyze massive streams of data from sensors, smart meters, servers and more. Website >>


Tollgrade Communications - Providing cutting-edge network assurance solutions, Tollgrade improves reliability and operational efficiency for utilities and telecommunications providers. Website >>


Verdeeco - Atlanta-based Verdeeco is  a smart grid analytics company offering big data solutions for utilities, including its cloud-based platform for data aggregation and advanced analytics applications. Website >>


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