11 new smart grid solutions from names you know


By Liz Enbysk

SGN Managing Editor


Whether your shopping list leans towards products that will improve grid reliability and performance - or a utility-scale solar inverter that can help improve your cost of energy, our latest roundup features a wide range of new smart grid solutions from S&C Electric, Silver Spring Networks, Itron, Eaton and other industry stalwarts. Scroll down and over to page 2 to see them all - including a free app from Siemens.


Dell's new Smart Grid Data Management Solution taps electric distribution system performance data to isolate and predict outages, enabling fast response and potentially averting service interruptions. Dell says the bundled solution combines high-performance computing, networking and storage to manage data and provide actionable results in real-time. Based on customer requirements and the age of the data, the solution provides three tiers of storage that Dells says enables customers to optimize performance at a low cost. Details >>


Silver Spring Networks new Direct-to-Grid load control solution offers utilities fast demand response resources to help reduce peak load and maintain grid reliability. The technology provides two-way communication capabilities, allowing utilities to directly monitor and manage energy intensive assets such as air conditioners, electric heaters, water heaters, and pool pumps. The company says the solution is unique in the ability to provide Direct-to-Grid, fast-DR without any need for existing AMI infrastructure. Details >> SSN also announced a new Speed-to-Value initiative designed to enable utilities to rapidly scope, deploy, test, and measure specific solutions to extract even greater ROI from their smart grid investments. Details >>


S&C Electric's latest IntelliTeam VV Volt-Var Optimization System release works with a broader range of equipment, ultimately helping utilities realize more system-wide energy efficiency improvements. In addition, the enhanced platform now supports 240-volt systems, which are used in Europe and Australia. The company says the new software supports multiple levels of line regulation and allows utilities to control them independent of one another. This gives grid operators more precise voltage control for an even higher level of power quality, and makes it possible to achieve greater reductions in peak demand and energy usage. Details >>


HAI by Leviton's new Omni LTe home control system coordinates multiple subsystems including lighting, heating and air, security, audio/video, scenes and messaging to promote efficiency and energy savings. The company says its Omni LTe system controls homes and businesses by schedule, motion detection, door openings, sunrise, sunset, alarm activation/deactivation and more. It features an Ethernet port and may be controlled remotely from a PC, laptop, tablet, Smartphone or e-Reader, as well as onsite from in-wall or table-top touch screens. Details >>


SAP's Grid Infrastructure Analytics rapid-deployment solution which analyzes overload data to help utility grid operators improve operational efficiency and maximize the lifetime of transformers. The solution monitors the health of transformers and guards against overloads. Workers in the field can quickly pull up these analytics via secure mobile devices. SAP says that unique to this solution is a rapid-deployment option that allows utilities to be up and running with it in less than 60 days. Details >>


Ambient launched the Ambient MicroNode and Ambient MiniNode, The new nodes were designed to complement the existing Ambient Smart Grid Node, which has been enhanced with more powerful grid analytics capabilities. The company says the nodes are purpose-built network devices, all with advanced processing capability and memory that, along with the AmbientNMS deliver benefits of distributed intelligence grid architecture. Details >>  




Itron's new metering platform OpenWay AURUM was designed for the fast-growing Brazilian market where utilities face challenges that significantly impact operating costs. The new product combines Itron’s metering and communication technology with unique packaging to help Brazilian utilities meet business objectives by lowering operational costs, improving service and protecting revenue. The meter is housed in a secure box, which is mounted on a utility pole rather than on a house or business, reducing the possibility of meter tampering. Details >>


Siemens' Environmental Impact Calculator is a new application that allows energy engineers, facility managers and others to estimate a building’s baseline carbon footprint from purchased electricity, natural gas and heating oil. Users can also measure the impact of energy efficiency improvements on an annual basis or throughout the length of a given project’s term. The tool is available free-of-charge through the Apple Store. Details >>