100% renewables by 2030? Get real, Stanford


By Jesse Berst


Quick Take: I hesitate to challenge the brainiacs at Stanford University. But a just-released study from Stanford seems just plain dumb. It claims New York State could power itself 100% from renewables by 2030, just 17 years from now. It further maintains that there are no technical or financial hurdles. Uh... excuse me... what about baseload power? Are they really saying that we could successfully balance a grid that had zero baseload generation, only variable renewables? And do they really believe we could afford the massive grid upgrades and energy storage installations that would be required?


A group of Stanford engineers claims that New York has the potential to use renewables to supply all of its electricity by 2030, the New York Times reported.


Lead author Mark Z. Jacobson told the Times: "You could power America with renewables from a technical and economic standpoint. The biggest obstacles are social and political -- what you need is the will to do it."


The study is titled "Examining the feasibility of converting New York State’s all-purpose energy infrastructure to one using wind, water, and sunlight."

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