Renewable Energy Innovators

FierceEnergy highlights industry's best

Renewable energy sources are the global future of energy generation, but harnessing and integrating that power into the existing grid remains a formidable challenge. Unlike coal or natural gas power, renewable sources like solar and wind can be unreliable and hard to predict. Sustained generation from these sources requires a balanced renewable portfolio and the ability to store power, as well as the ability to draw generation from a number of sources.

In recognition of these challenges, and the ingenuity required to overcome them, FierceEnergy is recognizing the industry-leading energy companies working to integrate renewable power into the grid -- those have have been successfull integrating this generation with traditional power sources. This list -- in alphabetical order -- was compiled after considering the scale of the project, as well as its level of innovation. If a deserving project didn't make the list, feel free to let us know about it in the comments section below.