Caroline Winn, Vice President of Customer Services and Chief Privacy Officer, San Diego Gas and Electric

Bringing customers more choices and increased privacy

Caroline Winn

Winn is leading the charge to provide customers with more choices on everything from pricing options to products and services, as well as overseeing all customer-related activities including call centers and branch office locations, smart pricing, customer privacy, customer communications, and customer billing.

To help customers navigate these choices, Winn is making such internal changes as converting call center personnel to Energy Service Specialists who guide customers to the right programs and services.

With its smart meter deployment now complete, Winn is developing tools and services for customers that deliver value through convenient, coordinated and consistently designed channels to anticipate customer needs and provide proactive solutions. At a time of changing customer relations with their utilities, Winn is championing research to better understand what drives utilities to adopt new concepts, behavior and technology to determine what new energy tools or services will help them better manage energy use and reduce their bill.  Further, Winn was a critical part of driving SDG&E's online customer portal, resulting in one of the highest paperless billing adoption rates among utilities for SDG&E.

Winn recently forged a groundbreaking partnership -- the first of its kind in the U.S. -- with Ontario's Information and Privacy Commissioner to safeguard customer privacy by designing privacy into information and communication technologies, and large-scale networked data systems as the default condition. "Privacy by Design," which Winn helped craft, was recently made into an international standard.