Turbines drive through U.S.


Special to FierceEnergy by Samantha Bookman, FierceWireless Editor

Natural gas and wind figure to be significant sources of energy generation going forward, as prices fall and new coal regulations come online. Successful integration of these sources into existing energy portfolios is going to a key priority for utility companies, and new technologies are being rolled out across the U.S. to help make this transition easier.

One example is GE's FlexEfficiency 60 Truck, which is touring North America and Mexico over the next few months. FierceEnergy paid a visit to the truck during its stopover in Waltham, Mass. As a nor'easter howled outside, Paul Browning, President and CEO of Thermal Products at GE Energy, explained how the turbine's jet engine-like flexibility could help power companies manage energy generation more efficiently.

In this slideshow, get a glimpse of the scale models used to demonstrate GE's new FlexEfficiency 60 power generation portfolio.