Inside San Diego Gas and Electric's Energy Innovation Center


SDG&E's Energy Innovation Center. Credit: SDG&E/Sempra Utilities.

The recent DistribuTECH conference offered a first-hand look at San Diego Gas & Electric's (SDG&E) Energy Innovation Center (EIC). The center is quickly becoming a big part of the local community. Its mission is to enable education and innovation of green, efficient building technologies.

The center is a retrofit of a 1950s era building, and includes many unique touches such as recycled tire flooring and windows that maximize light exposure while minimizing heat and the need for air conditioning. More than 85 percent of the original building materials were used in the remodeling, and another 10 percent of materials come from within a 500-mile radius of San Diego.

Community members are encouraged to attend efficiency and sustainability education programs at the EIC. Individual rooms are also available for reservation, and SDG&E notes that securing a spot is becoming increasing difficult. More information about the EIC is available on the center's website.

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