Warren Buffett putting his stamp on smart grid technology

There is a good reason Warren Buffett's name seems to be turning up everywhere in the energy sector. When he bought Nevada utility NV Energy last year, he said there would be further energy acquisitions. Already heavily involved in solar and wind power, his Northern Grid Power Holdings Co. is wrapping up a home energy management pilot project with Siemens in the UK.

UK regulators sign off on subsea transmission link

After substantial haggling over finances, and more possibly to come, British regulator Ofgem has authorized an almost 100-mile subsea high-voltage direct current cable between onshore power conversion facilities and Spittal in Central Caithness. The project will be a substantial upgrade for an old electricity network and will add capacity for bringing renewable energy to the grid.

Gauging senior attitudes toward the smart grid

The results of a Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative (SGCC) analysis of senior's attitudes toward the smart grid and related topics yielded some interesting findings. While U.S. seniors (55+) see saving money and reliability as worthwhile benefits of the smart grid, they are less likely than younger people to get involved in smart grid technologies and programs.

Saskatchewan investigating yet another overheated smart meter

After several smart meter failures earlier this year, Saskatchewan's Crown Utility is investigating yet another. While some of the earlier overheated meters burned and scorched the exterior walls on which they were installed, this recent failure damaged only the meter.

Wind energy tax credit extended...for now

The U.S. Senate voted to extend the wind energy tax credit this week, but the wind industry is not getting much comfort out of it. The extension is through the end of this year, two weeks. The tax credit was part of a $41.6 billion package of more than 50 tax breaks for individuals, businesses and nonprofits.

$4B to upgrade Nebraska transmission system for exporting wind power

If Nebraska wants to sell wind power out of state, it will cost up to $4 billion in transmission line upgrades to do it. That figure is from an analysis the Nebraska Power Review Board issued earlier this week.

Getting microgrids right: NREL partners on advanced technologies

Microgrids, at one time thought of as having limited applications, are getting better, cheaper and more sophisticated. Some are in use, typically in a field trial setting. However, the technologies involved are still being tested and enhanced.

Is the home energy management market really about to take off?

The home energy management market has seen its share of starts and stalls over the years. But now, Navigant Research forecasts global revenues will grow from $846 million in 2013 to $2.4 billion by 2023.

Boeing to get greener

Boeing's 737 manufacturing plant in Renton, Washington will get a little greener when it buys renewable energy credits as a replacement for fossil fuel-generated power.

CT regulators call for distributed generation to slow rising power prices

It has been well-documented that New England residents are seeing higher and higher electric bills as a result of inadequate capacity in the region's natural gas pipelines. To slow those price hikes, Connecticut regulators are pushing for more distributed generation to help meet power needs, in addition to energy-efficiency measures.

Smart Grid News is the new and improved FierceSmartGrid

The merger of Smart Grid News with FierceSmartGrid brings big changes. Not everyone embraces change; change can be difficult and even scary sometimes. But don't worry; these changes are exciting and will take FierceSmartGrid and Smart Grid News to a higher level, providing you with more insight and analysis than anywhere else in the industry -- more often.  Just think of Smart Grid News as the "new and improved" FierceSmartGrid.

It's official: California leads in electric vehicle adoption

It may not come as a complete surprise, but the U.S. Energy Information Administration has confirmed that California leads the country in electric vehicle adoption. However, battery electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles still represent a small percentage of new vehicle sales.

Europe's largest battery energy storage project underway

A two-year energy demonstration project featuring Europe's largest battery energy storage system was launched Monday in the UK near London. The companies involved anticipate the project will help with more integration of renewable energy into the UK electric grid and be less expensive than methods typically used to strengthen electric networks.

Pacific Gas and Electric credits smart grid technology for speedy power restoration

A storm that ripped through the Bay Area and outlying areas last week caused a power outage affecting at least 500,000 Pacific Gas & Electric customers. However, power was restored for most of them by Friday and smart grid technologies were credited with being instrumental in the quick response.

EU offers funding for technology solutions to meet smart cities challenges

With its Horizon 2020 Energy Challenge, the EU is stepping up efforts to ensure its smart cities initiative is a success. The Challenge program will provide funding for local governments in EU and other countries willing to work collaboratively on energy-efficiency improvements, quality of life and more.

Kentucky: One step closer to a smart grid?

Kentucky regulators appear to be getting closer to deciding on an upgrade to the state's electric grid, and are holding two meetings this week to get a sense of the public's level of interest in implementing smart grid technologies.

Sensus AMI long range radio demo project slated for Japan

Metering company Sensus plans to conduct a field trial of long range radio for advanced metering infrastructure in Tokyo sometime in the first quarter of next year. Click to learn more about the demonstration project and how its results will be used.

Smart grid wins for GE, ABB, National Grid and more

This week’s smart grid wins selection contains a combination of projects news for microgrids, EV charging in Australia and a project to bring Canadian hydropower and Maine wind power to Boston. And don’t forget to check out awards for Opower and others.

Two legislators propose bill to reform Florida's regulatory commission

Florida regulators voted last week to cut the state’s energy efficiency programs to the point of almost eliminating them. Apparently, it was the last straw for two Florida legislators who introduced a bill a few days later to reform the state’s Public Service Commission.

UK smart meter installation falling behind other European countries

Only 5 percent of residents in the UK have installed smart meters in their home, compared to smart meters installed in 100 percent of Swedish homes, 99 percent of Italian homes and 42 percent of Spanish homes.