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eBrief | Combating Utility Fraud Rings

eBook | Published On: 5/18/16 | Presented By: Equifax

With the energy market's added options for energy generation and transmission come new threats from fraud rings, seeking to exploit utilities. How can utilities can nurture a superb customer experience while defending against unscrupulous actors and outright fraud? Download today!

Complimentary Utility Customer Engagement eBook


Apply these five surprising facts about applying data analytics to improve the ROI of your meter data. Read about utilities like yours who are boosting customer satisfaction, energy efficiency and demand response results -- and cutting operations costs. Download the book.

Evolutionary Advancement; Revolutionary Thinking: Keys to Grid Transformation

eBook | Published: February 1, 2016 | Presented by: Elster

Fully unleashed, the smart grid can provide vast economic, environmental, reliability, and societal benefits. But those benefits, inevitably, come with challenges. This eBook breaks down those pain points, and offers solutions. Download today!

Integrated Analytics to Power Critical Utility Operations

Webinar | Now Available On-Demand | Presented By: Silver Spring Networks

Unlock the value of smart grid data with analytics that power critical utility operations. Discover how leading utilities are taking an integrated approach to reduce analytics cost while driving operational efficiency and enhancing program ROI. Register to Watch Now!

eBrief | Transformation of the Grid: Reducing Confusion and Preparing for Inevitable Grid Transformation

eBook | Published: June 30, 2015 | Presented By: Elster

Disruptions in how power is generated and distributed in the energy world have given rise to significant grid transformations. With advice on how to prepare for these inevitable transformations, this eBrief describes how to leverage these opportunities for reduced confusion and maximum success. Download today!

Microgrid Start Up: A Guide to Navigating the Financial, Regulatory, and Technical Challenges of Microgrid Implementation

eBook | Published: June 15, 2015 | Presented By: Siemens

The development of a microgrid comes with a wide array of issues -- regulatory, technical and financial. This eBook will cover how to identify key regulatory risks that may affect the development of a microgrid project, basics of evaluating the financial viability of a microgrid project, and more. Download today!

eBrief | Enabling the Future: Adaptive, Modular Approaches to Smart Grid Design

eBook | Published On: June 1, 2015 | Presented By: Elster

Modularity and adaptability are the building blocks for capitalizing on new grid opportunities and making upgrades more seamlessly. Learn how adaptable grid design aids in the decision process by anticipating change all while reducing upgrade costs. Download today!

eBrief | Smart Grid Interoperability: The Great Enabler

eBook | Published On: April 27, 2015 | Presented By: Elster

Focusing on interoperability as an enabler for the future, this eBrief discusses the regulatory challenges surrounding interoperability, how to plan for and assess for a phased approach to system changes, the advantages of choosing a flexible solution with open communication, and more. Download today!